Tax id for foreigner

We assist to get tax code for non-residents.

Tax code – it is an individual ten-digit unique code of the tax platform in the State Register of Individuals, which is a personal number for the payment of taxes and other mandatory taxpayers issued to non-residents of Ukraine, regardless of age.

Foreign citizens shall apply for tax code to Tax Authority of Kyiv, Sevastopol or relevant regional (oblast) Tax authority.

The tax code of a foreign citizen and a citizen of Ukraine are exactly the same.

A foreigner needs a tax code to:

  • Signing notarized contract, issuing power of attorneys.
  • Setting up a company in Ukraine.
  • Employment.
  • Submitting tax returns in Ukraine and paying taxes.

The term for issuing an identification code or duplicate, re-issuance or making changes to the card is 5 working days.

You can visit tax inspection personally or make a power of attorney to our lawyer, and he will do it for you.

We would need the following information/documents from the client:

Documents/information Client Laudis Law Firm
Passport +  
Translation of a passport into Ukrainian with notarization   +
Application form   +
Сopy of the page with information about the last entry into Ukraine +  
Information of the permanent leaving address abroad +  

The cost of this service is 50$ + 1200 UAH (the cost of the notary)