Permanent residency permit (PRP)

We assist to get permanent residency permit for non-residents based on the following grounds:

Ground Term
Marriage to citizen of Ukraine more than two years 1 year
Investment into economy of Ukraine for 100 000 USD and more 1 year

Permanent residence permit allows you to obtain the full range of rights and responsibilities of Ukrainian citizens (with rare exceptions provided by the Constitution). Some of them are listed below:

Before getting permanent residency permit, client should get immigration permit.

We would need the following information/documents from the client:

Immigration permit based on marriage with Ukrainian citizen * Client Laudis Law Firm
Translation of a passport into Ukrainian with notarization<   +
Notarized copy of marriage certificate with translation into Ukrainian (also need original to show to migration officer) + We can get it for client for the expense of the client
Certificate which confirm address abroad< +  
Original of passport of partner +  
Temporary residence permit (if client have it) +  
Certificate which confirm address in Ukraine +  

* – the minimum term of uninterrupted registered marriage with a citizen of Ukraine is 2 years. Before the length of the marriage exceeds 2 years the foreigner can live in Ukraine on the basis of temporary residence permit

Immigration permit based on Investment into economy of Ukraine for 100 000 USD and more ** Client Laudis Law Firm
Translation of a passport into Ukrainian with notarization   +
Articles of a Company + &nbps;
Certificate from the bank which confirm investment   +
Medical certificate, which confirm that you are not suffering from chronic alcoholism, drug addiction or infectious diseases (can get it in Ukraine) +  
Certificate of no criminal record issued in previous country +  
Certificate which confirms address abroad +  
Certificate which confirms address in Ukraine +  

** – he investment means contribution into the authorized capital of entity registered in Ukraine, where the investor is the shareholder, the foreign currency in equivalent of 100.000 dollars USA from specially opened investment account in bank of Ukraine. Thus, the delivery of cash through the border of Ukraine the same as spending personal funds (like for buying a real estate on person name) can not be deemed as investments into the economy of Ukraine

After submitting documents for immigration permit, we should wait near one year. Migration service check all information about immigrant.

After getting immigration permit, we can submit documents for permanent residence permit.

Permanent residency Client Laudis Law Firm
Translation of a passport into Ukrainian with notarization   +
Immigration permit +  
Passport with visa +  
Temporary residence permit (if client have it) +  
Certificate which confirms address in Ukraine +  

Before applying to the permanent residency, non-resident should obtain D-visa, which is issued by Ukrainian Embassies abroad for 90 days, if non-resident doesn`t have temporary residence permit. There was initiative by Cabinet of Ministers in 2019 to issue D-visa in Ukraine, but this procedure doesn’t work, we gave interview on that to one of the biggest Ukrainian news provider.

There are countries, citizens of which are not required to get D-visa, such as Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Georgia, Russia, Uzbekistan. Other citizens are required to get D-visa.

Non-resident is required to apply documents for permanent residence permit not later than in 15 working days until the termination of his d-visa or temporary residence permit. The period of non-resident’s stay in Ukraine, which is equal to the period of visa validly, can be prolonged. The precondition of such prolongation is a sufficient proof that litigable purpose for such prolongation exists (such as treatment, pregnancy, care for a sick family member, registration of inheritance, performance of official duties by a foreign correspondent or a representative of a foreign media). The application for prolongation should be given not earlier than 10 working days and not later than 3 working days before the expiration.

After obtaining the residence permit it is required to get registered at some address in Ukraine in period of 30 days. Otherwise, the fine would be applied. The amount of the fine to pay depends on the term of the delay and can increase from UAH 1700 to 5100.

In the case of changing the place of registration, a non-resident should get registered at the new address within thirty calendar days after deregistration of the previous place and arrival at the new place of residence.

After the expiration of the residence permit, a non-resident is obliged to cancel the registration at the address and leave Ukraine within seven days after the expiration. Additionally, a non-resident should hand over his residence permit to the State Migration Service.