10 year permanent residence permit for IT specialists

In 2020 IT specialists were given special status as a category of worker, important for the Ukrainian economy. This status enables IT specialists to obtain an immigration permit which forms the basis to apply for a permanent residence permit in Ukraine as well as the possibility of Ukrainian citizenship. Here is the list of defined IT specialists:

  1. Managers (administrators) of information security systems
  2. Specialists in an organization for information security
  3. Specialists in an organization for information security with limited access
  4. Professionals in an information security organization
  5. Professionals in an organization of information security with limited access
  6. Chief programmer
  7. Consolidated information analyst
  8. Technical manager
  9. Design engineer (electronics)
  10. Software engineer

Specialists are required to demonstrate education and work experience in the relevant field.

The number of immigration permits available each year for IT specialist categories is provided for by a set quota, which is distributed among the regions. As of 2020 Kyiv has a quota for 2500 specialists.

Before submitting the documents, it is necessary to obtain confirmation from the Ministry of Economic Development that the specialist’s qualifications fit the requirements.

When applying for an immigration permit, it is necessary to submit as part of the application: a translation of passport in Ukrainian, a document confirming place of residence both abroad and in Ukraine, a medical certificate in the form 0/28.o; a certificate from a narcologist, and a legalized police clearance certificate from the applicant’s country of previous residence.

Laudis Law Firm successfully submitted IT Specialist residence applications in 2020. Currently, we expect the Ukrainian government to announce new requirements for IT specialists and quotas for 2021.