Digital nomad в Іспанії

Іспанія приєдналась до ряду країн, що запровадили пільгові податкови умови для цифрових кочевників digital nomads, прийнявши 21 грудня 2022 року закон 28/2022 про сприяння стартапам Закон відкрив нові можливості для проживання та заробітку цифрових кочевників, які приїзжають до Іспанії з країн, що не входять в ЄС. В статті ви дізнаєтесь які умови набуття статусу digital nomad, які документи необхідні. Також ви отримаєте інформацію щодо оподаткування digital nomad за режимом Beckham (24 %), його порівняння з податками звичайного підприємця в Іспанії.

Changes in the legal regulation of foreign representative offices in Ukraine

Changes to the requirements for registering a representative office of foreign company in Ukraine from September 2024. - The Ministry of Justice becomes the registration authority and registration is carried out by registrars by analogy with LLCs. - Registration terms are reduced from 60 to 5 days. - New requirements for submitting information on the beneficial owners of registered representative offices. - An individual financial monitoring entity has the right to register.

Immigration to Ukraine of highly qualified employees in 2023

In 2023, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine of Ukraine approved a list of specialties in need in Ukraine and the qualification requirements for them. These persons have the right to receive a permanent residence permit in Ukraine without waiting for 5 years of residence based on employment. To be eligible for immigration, an work candidate should meet the mandatory requirement set out in the list and, at least one additional requirement. Read more in our article.

Disclosure of the beneficiary of the foreign counterparty to a bank when paying abroad

This obligation is established by the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine and enshrined in Resolution No. 8 dated January 2, 2019. When opening and using a bank account of a Ukrainian company, banks require to get and update information about the owners of such a company. In some cases, banks began to require information about foreign counterparties from Ukrainian companies. Our attorney Anastasia Soloviova will tell us below about when such a requirement is justified and what list of issues should be discussed in advance with a foreign counterparty.

TM, which includes "Ukraine". Peculiarities of trademark registration

The designation "Ukraine" and "UA" as part of a trademark is allowed by the legislation of Ukraine, but for this it is necessary to obtain the consent of the permanent body of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT), namely the Commission on the approval of issues on the introduction of the designation, which contains the official name of the state "Ukraine", to the mark for goods and services. To obtain such a permit, the applicant and his activities must meet certain criteria. This is described in more detail in our article by Tatyana Zhyla, a specialist in the field of intellectual property protection.