Permanent residency for investor in Ukraine

The process of obtaining a permanent residence permit based on investment in Ukraine is time-consuming and involves collecting a lot of documents.  

What is investment for immigration purposes?

To qualify for immigration on this basis, an investor must invest money into the economy of Ukraine in a manner stipulated by the law. This can be in the form of a contribution into the authorized capital of a company in Ukraine of which you are the owner or ultimate beneficiary. 

The contribution must be minimum of USD 100,000 and can be paid in any foreign currency. Please keep in mind that the amount of contributed money should be no less equivalent than USD 100,000 on the day the share capital is replenished.

Please note that private purchase of real estate by a foreigner in Ukraine is not considered an investment into the economy of Ukraine and cannot be used as grounds for obtaining a permanent residence permit. However, it is possible to purchase real estate under the ownership of a company in which you have invested money. The Government does not control the further use of invested funds by the company.

Investment account

The investment as described above should be done through a special investment account, which is opened by the investor in Ukraine. Only international banks operating in Ukraine are recommended for this. The investment account can be deposited into from a personal account of the investor, and also from the account of a foreign company legally connected to the investor. 

The advantage of investment through an investment account is the simplified withdrawal of capital from Ukraine in the future.

Immigration permit

After you have deposited money into the company account, you can proceed with obtaining an immigration permit, which is the first step towards obtaining a permanent residence permit. The period for consideration and approval of documents for the application can take up to one year.

Quota for immigration based on investment

The government limits the number of foreigners who can be issued an immigration permit in the current year on the basis of investment in the economy into a quota, which is further divided separately for each region. The quota is established for each category of foreigners by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine once a year. 

Documents for obtaining an immigration permit

For an immigration permit, you need to collect a package of documents, including:

-Information from a bank which confirms that you have contributed to the authorized capital of your company in Ukraine to the amount of USD 100,000 or more. At this stage you may encounter difficulties as not every certificate is suitable for the migration service. It is important to remember that the funds must go to the account of the Ukrainian company in a foreign currency, and not in hryvnia. The funds should be accrued to company account from an investment account (of investor or company) as mentioned above. 

-Certificates confirming that you do not abuse alcohol, toxic substances, drugs and do not suffer from certain infectious diseases. These certificates can be issued in Ukraine, many private clinics provide them. The cost of a package of certificates is on average $ 100. We accompany the foreigner to the appropriate medical institution and check the document for compliance with the required form.

– A police clearance certificate issued in the country of your residence. It must be apostilled, translated into Ukrainian, and the translation must be notarized already in Ukraine. Please note that if you are resident in multiple countries, immigration services require clearance certificates from each of the countries. 

-A document confirming the investor’s place of residence abroad. This can be a certificate, your internal civil passport, or driver’s license.

– A document confirming the investor’s place of residence in Ukraine. It must be a notarized statement from the flat owner that he allows you to register as the place of residence his apartment or certificate №13 if you have temporary residence permit.

-Also you need to provide your passport along with its notarized translation into Ukrainian.

After you have submitted the package of documents to the migration service, you need to wait for up to a year for the immigration permit to be issued. The document will be delivered to the registered official address of the foreigner in Ukraine. 

During this period, the Migration Service of Ukraine will verify your identity. The verification requires the collection of information, in particular by Interpol.


After you receive an immigration permit, you need to obtain a D visa for immigrants (D-01 visa) from an Embassy of Ukraine abroad (ie outside Ukraine) and then it is possible to apply for a permanent residence permit in Ukraine. If you have an existing valid temporary residence permit, you need not obtain a D-01 visa for the application. 

There are countries whose citizens are not obliged to observe visa-D requirements: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Uzbekistan. They may apply immediately (except for Russian citizens, they need to re-enter Ukraine). 

Obtaining the permanent residency permit

After getting the Visa D you can submit the documents mentioned above for a permanent residency permit. 

Your permanent residence permit will be ready within 15 working days. 

A permanent residency certificate is granted for 10 years with the following prolongation. 

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Alina Mykolaichuk

Lawyer, immigration and corporate law specialist
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